Starting to learn Photoshop can be quite daunting.
Hundreds of menu items, dozens of tools and masses
of functions.

Photoshop Tutorials Plus provides a large number of free Photoshop tutorials specially aimed at the beginner.
Many of the basic tools are covered.
Tutorials are written in a clear, easy-to-follow style
with bullet instructions and plenty of illustrations.


Learn Photoshop Fast with 'Photoshop In A Day'

Confused, frustrated and intimidated by poor instructions
and piles of jargon found in normal manuals?
Photoshop In A Day cures all that.

All the new features of CS6 are covered.

Start Immediately
You will be working on genuine Photoshop projects
within minutes.

Save Time
The step-by-step instructions give faster learning and
more progress.

Avoid Confusion
You won't get bogged down in a mass of instructions all
at once, because the tutorials are small and specific.
Information is in small manageable sections and divided
into individual practical topics.

No Information Overload
New information is introduced gradually and when required rather than thrust on the user in one go.

All Levels Welcome
Starting with the basics, Photoshop In A Day
moves on
to an intermediate level, then an advanced level.
All users will find new techniques and tips.

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